Because, You Know, Samsung Has Done Exactly That With Past Versions Of The Galaxy S Active.

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SamMobile says the Galaxy S8 Active is codenamed Cruiser, and has model number SM-G892A. The Galaxy S8 is pretty durable itself and comes with IP68 water and dust resistance. However, the phone will break if you drop it right, and the Galaxy S8 isn’t waterproof. The Active version might be even more durable than the regular model, and that should be great news to anyone looking for rugged high-end handsets. But will the Galaxy S8 Active be just as good-looking as the Galaxy S8? Will it still retain the curved edges and the all-screen design? Or will Samsung go for a flat-screen model with physical buttons on the top. Because, you know, Samsung has done exactly that with past versions of the Galaxy S Active. Of course, if you’re looking for a flat-screen version of the Galaxy S8, then the Active might be just what the doctor ordered. But the Infinity display of the real Galaxy S8 is simply amazing.

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