West Palm Beach Hormone Replacement- Picking The Right Physician

People usually spend hours or even days researching their symptoms but are quicker to the punch in regards to looking for a physician to treat those symptoms. Knowing where and who to look help from is equally important as knowing why you require treatment in the first place. So, if you are ready to begin your hormone treatment in west palm beach, here are several questions you ought to ask before picking a physician. 

What Are Your Qualifications? 

This is perhaps the most critical question when it comes to picking practitioners. Just like general dentists, you have several options when it comes to where or whom to go to for hrt therapy west palm beach replacement. 

To narrow down the list, spend some time learning more about the skills as well as training of each physician. 

  • Do they specialize in hormone therapy? 
  • How long have they been practicing hormone replacement? 
  • What certifications or degrees do they hold? 
  • Are they licensed and board certified? 

You can ask these questions personally or find the answers on the physician's website. 

Do I Require Hormone Replacement and If so, Why? 

You may not need this form of therapy, and that is alright. However, what is not alright is if the doctor cannot explain the specific details of why you need or don’t need hormone replacement therapy. 

Your physician should take the time to know your eating habits, lifestyle and medical history. 

If the clinic or doctor seems to give every patient a stamp of approval, then you may want to move on to the next one. 

Do You Stay Abreast With The Latest Advancements in Medicine? 

Hormone replacement has been gradually evolving. Your physician should stay abreast with the news, recent research and alternatives so that he or she can offer the right treatment. You can find this out by inquiring whether they attend seminars, conferences and if they pursue further education in their field. 

What Do You Expect From Me? 

As we earlier hinted, hormone replacement therapy is most effective when you assess your life as a whole. An excellent doctor in West Palm Beach will give you suggestions on what to eat, how much you should workout and other factors that may be contributing to your low estrogen or testosterone levels. 

The physician will expect you to take an active role in this form of therapy so be prepared. 

How Are You Going to Get The Ideal Dose of Hormones for Me?

Keep in mind that this is not a one size fits all approach to this type of therapy. A knowledgeable doctor will show you the steps they take in order to determine what dose is ideal for your body. This goes back to the statement- that dosage will depend on your overall medical history and health. 

If the physician skips the ‘get to know you’ stage and goes straight to lab works, then you can be certain you won’t get a custom hormone replacement therapy plan. 

If you take the time to ask these questions, then you are more likely to get a West Palm Beach hormone replacement therapy that suits you.